Splitface stones give unique style to all spaces in which they are layed. At e-tiles you will find a variety of colours in wall cladding stones from all over the world. There are two ways of placing the stone:


A) By glue : A plastered and smooth surface is a prerequisite for the installation of the stones with glue.


B) With mud : In case the area where we want to fix them is not plastered then the stones are fixed with mud.

In both cases it is necessary to waterproof the materials after laying.

Caution: in case someone wants to stack the stones then it is absolutely necessary to waterproof them first and then stack them. Afterwards they are waterproofed again. This is done to make it easy to clean the stone from the putty.

As far as the care of these materials is concerned, we know that:

There is the possibility of vividness of their colours , which is achieved by using special varnishes/polishes.

The use of waterproofing helps to reduce the maintenance of the material. However, special cleaners for natural stones are commercially available for any problem that may arise.

The waterproofing done to the materials needs renewal. The packages of waterproofing materials indicate after how long the material needs passing again. Usually it is every 3-4 years.